Case Study

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Integrated IT System of the Civil Aviation Authority

In the years 2014-2020, we provided a modification and support service for the Integrated IT System of the Civil Aviation Office, which is a critical system for the Office's operation due to the existing functions and modules.

The system consists of the Aviation Examination Board module. They are carried out on it examinations for pilots and other members of aviation personnel. The system supports exams based on three question banks: ECQB, KBP and PART-66.

It also includes the Aviation Personnel Register module for licensing aviation and qualification certificates, as well as reporting critical to the operation of offices indicators.

One of the parts of the system is also a module of aero-medical certificates, which is used by medical examiners throughout the country, and the unit of the Chief Civil Aviation Doctor. System also includes a transport statistics module.

The mode in which we have provided support for 6 years is: responding to requests for 11 hours per day and fixing critical bugs within 6 hours of notification.

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