Case study

potężny wyciek wody

Implementation of a leak imaging application in the experimental water supply network

Carried out jointly with the Warsaw University of Technology, Adaptronica sp.z o.o. and Telium s.c. as part of a research and development project called "Wodnik".

We have created a program in the Borland Delphi 7 language, based on the EPANET2 system published by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). We have implemented additional mechanisms to visualize the place and parameters related to the leakage from the experimental water supply network. As a result, members of the multi-stakeholder research and development consortium could verify and illustrate their research results.

In this project, it was also necessary to integrate at the level of data exchange with a program that calculates leak parameters according to appropriate algorithms. Thanks to this, without going into the mathematical patterns of operation calculated in the "black box" mechanism, we were able to accurately reproduce the test results.

Thus, we have proved that we are able to develop a professional and 100% working tool while respecting the secret of scientific research and possible patents related to it.

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