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Plativo Sp. z o. o. [Ltd.] is the team of engineers with many years of experience.
We approach every task with passion.
See what makes us different:


Contact with Clients is always exposed to misunderstandings, that can sometimes even make project go-live impossible.

That's why we take care about communication skills of our employers. In Plativo we all know how to talk.

Clear price list

We have constant price list, which we publish every year on the first of January.

Other rules concerns only "profit-sharing" and "strategic" projects.

Rapid contact

Regular and rapid contact with our Clients, is our priority.

Because of it, we don't loose our time for "ping-pong" e-mails and our Clients don't know what "wait" mean.


We admit to our mistakes. If any occurs, we fix it as fast as it is possible.

Our team takes responsibility for the work - every project is ended with a document, that is signed by both CEO and a Project Manager

CONTRISK - risk management system

Are you intrested in how comfortably get from point A to point B in risk management without involving large budgets and multi-person teams? Find out more about our Contrisk system.
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Completed projects

Our portfolio includes over 30 IT projects for organizations from the public, private and scientific sectors in Poland and abroad. We invite you to read their description.
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