Case Study

Eksponat z Centrum Nauki Kopernik

An exhibit for the Copernicus Science Center

The project is carried out jointly with the Copernicus Science Center and the Institute of Fundamental Problems of Polish Technology Academy of Sciences.

The aim of the project was to create a real-time visualization of the train passage over the Cross-city Bridge. The program was designed to work with the Dynamic Railway Scale installed on the tracks near the Warszawa Powiśle Railway Station. When the train passed through the scale, the appropriate readings from the sensors were sent to the FTP server, from where the data was downloaded, analyzed and presented to the visitors of the Center.

Due to the fact that the exhibit stood next to the window in the Copernicus Science Center, visitors could observe it simultaneously the passage of the train along the tracks on the bridge and across the screen as the train was crashing into the screen in this the very moment he rode onto the bridge.

The monitor screen displayed the weight and speed of the train, its type. The appropriate distribution of bogie axes resulting from the measurement was drawn. The most important element was to visualize the deflection of individual spans of the diameter bridge calculated on the basis of algorithms developed by IPPT PAN.

The challenge of the project was the small time we had between putting the data on the FTP server and having to display it on the screen. Usually, the countdown until the train passed was 30 seconds (it depended on the train speed).

The exhibit was part of the "Intelligent City" exhibition and operated completely failure-free and maintenance-free for 2 years, until the exhibition was changed. It was also shown at the 19th Science Festival in Warsaw.

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